Getting Pregnancy Readings, where our new journey began!


So, I got both my readings tonight, I'm so happy and excited. So just wanted to let you all know the results. They are so cheap, I deffinaty recommend you get one (or both like me!!)

So firstly I got my reading from Cara:
She said that I will have children, very very soon within my next 1-2 cycles. She said the baby would be a little girl very fair skin and hair and small and dainty. The 7th is an important date. Also, we may move soon (well, I hope so as we have been looking for a new place for 3 months) She would come slightly early. And we would have another girl in 2013. Finally, if I find a White feather, I have been visited by an angel

So next there was Gail:
She said a spirit spoke, my grandmother (she recently died and I was very close to her) It will be an august conception/testing and a baby girl Further conception in October 2013 -baby girl.

So to summerise, the both said our first child would be a baby girl and our 2nd a baby girl conceived in 2013. As for when we will get the bfp for our 1st Gail said august and Cara 1-2 cycles works out too 14th august. I hope its 1 cycle max tbh!! but I don't mind a bit of a wait. I have so much hope now. Good luck to all

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