We finally made it :) 13 week pregnancy vlog :)


How far along are you? 13 weeks and 6 days today :)
Total weight gain? lost 5lb
Baby's length from Crown to rump? 2.91in
Baby's Weight? 0.81 Ounce
Baby is the size of? Lemon
Are you wearing Maternity clothes? Kind of... some of my Jeans are now being done up by an elastic band! I'm wearing a bump band under them and 1 of my new maternity tops :)
Do you have stretch marks? Yes, 1 tiny one :/
Best moment this week? Loads!! going with sis to her antenatal course Ryan (partners) birthday, my birthday :) shopping in Norwich with mum and sis for baby stuff, meal out with my best friend, sisters 21st and baby shower another scan :)
Any food cravings? Fruit, Salad and healthy foods!!
Anything that makes you sick? Same old waking up and feeling hungry!!
Gender? Find out in 7 weeks!! :)
Labour signs? No!
Symptoms? Sickness still getting better thought lucky!
Happy or moody most of the time? Still happy :) but of course I have my occasional off day!
Anything you are looking forward to next week? Pay day!! (Is that terrible!!), dinner with mum and Ryan nanny birthday :)
Buy anything? Yep, loads!!
How is your Sleep? terrible... around 3 hours a night thanks to ALDI's Fridge!
Do you miss anything? No, still nothing, I'm just so happy to be pregnant :)
Any movement? yes, a little :)
Belly button in or out? In

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