Lots of purchases to catch up on!


 So I often answer 'have you brought anything' with a yes.But never manage to get any pictures up or really say what things are, so I decided to picture everything that we have brought and let you know what things are and if I can remember, where they came from!
baby first Christmas outfit
So, I found this My First Christmas outfit in Scope charity shop. I instantly fell in love with it and decided to buy it, though when I got it home, I realised it was new born and baby would be nearly 9 months at Christmas! Whoops!

cute newborn outrfit
I also found this at scope and thought it was adorable :)

new baby top
Another scope purchase, I believe that them all for now, this reminded me if Disney's animal kingdom :)

tiny baby socks
Socks that my mum brought me, I believe that they came from Primark.  They are so cute I love them.

tiny baby shoes
I think these were the first baby item that we ever brought, they came from, Tesco in cambridge.

baby outfit
These were a birthday present for me from my Nan and Granddad, they are white with silvery spots and bears on.

baby gro
These were a gift from my mum, I believe they were from Primark again they are beautiful colours with cute little animals and stripes on.

dalmation baby sleep clothes
This picture seams to be a little crammed up! But the sleep bag on the right and the baby grow in the middle were both gifts from my sister. I believe they came from Tesco, but it could have been Asda. They are amazing, as you will see below I have fallen in love with all the baby dalmatian items.
The one of the left is a sleeping grow is that comes with a beautiful bib which is pictured below, it came from Asda in Great Yarmouth.

mickey baby top
Mum brought this for me from mothercare, its so cute, we are all CRAZY for Disney so we thought that this would be a great Idea for a boy or a girl.

baby bibs
The 3 bibs that we have so far. The dalmatian one that came with the sleep grow which came from Asda. The other two came from the 99p/£1 store and are so cute with those rings on and they are detachable for simple washing.
baby thermometers
3 thermometers  the pink one was from the 99p/£1 shop and is Disney and for baths. The blue one came in a freebie pack (Bounty I believe) and is room temperature and the bottom one is for body temperature was off Amazon.

hat and gloves scratch mits for baby
This pack of spotted hat, gloves and boots, came from the £1 shop,  its really cute.

sample free nappies
Sample pack of huggies nappies and wipes and also Aldi nappies.

emmas diary pack free
Freebies from Bounty and Emma's Diary.

baby book
2 beautiful books, the one on the left is from My sister and is all about the baby after the birth. The  one on the right is from Amazon and is from conception for 5th year I believe. They are both so lovely and such an amazing idea :)

baby blanket
Blanket giving to us from Df's ex is was his sons when he was little.

giant dalmation
Giant Dalmatian, I believe it came from M&S.
giant unicorn
Giant Unicorn came from scope, it was £3.50, such a bargain.

dalmation teddys
Teddies from, Mum, Sister, Us, Aptimal and Cow and Gate.

changing bag
Bag from Disney store, I think it would make a great changing bag.

pregnancy items
Healthy start vitamins that I have to take, I was taking Pregnecare, but these are apparently better  but they are much cheaper! The other is Little Angels for mum baby maternity stretch mark oil brought by my friend Carla.

fetal heart monitor
Rowan brought us a Angel sounds dopler, its amazing and we can now hear our baby's heart beat when ever we like :) and record it!
 Well, I hope that was helpful for you and you enjoy the rest of my blogs, any questions please ask :)

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