29 weeks Pregnancy Blog :)


How far along are you? 29 weeks 6 days and 20hrs!!!

Total weight gain? +8lb, +0lb since last week
Baby's length from Crown to heal? 15.2 in
Baby's Weight? 2.54 lb
Baby is the size of? Cucumber
Are you wearing Maternity clothes? Yes, even maternity bras now too!
Do you have stretch marks? Yes, a few, more towards the bottom of my bump though
Best moment this week? Shopping with mum, sis and Lilli in Norwich, spending lots of time in bed with Ryan, even though he was ill :/
Any food cravings? Just cold icy things! Mmmmm... slush!!!
Anything that makes you sick? Heart burn and having a drink in the middle of the night makes me sick when I wake up
Gender? A Little Princess :)
Labour signs? Nope :D
Symptoms? lots of movement, heartburn and being sick0!
Happy or moody most of the time? Very happy :) I've had a very up week :)
Anything you are looking forward to next week? A training course for work, midwife appt, valentines day :)
Buy anything? Yes :/ I spent loads!!! I'm going to upload pics, but i've brought...A Disney Mulan doll for when she is 3+!!!, Muslins, Wall art, custom changing bag, 2 dresses, breast pads, maternity pads, maternity bra, 2 boxes of raspberry leaf tea! Hanging Nappy Storage bag, More clothes! inflatable pillow, nursing bra and probably other stuff i've forgot!!
How is your Sleep? A bit painful again and starting to get very uncomfortable, plus Ryan has been keeping my up loads with his coughing!
Do you miss anything? No!
Any movement? Loads and Loads this week, feel like she is trying to get out!!
Belly button in or out? Still in, I think it may pop, but i'm now 100% sure

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