32 weeks Pregnancy Blog :)


How far along are you? 33 weeks + 1 day :)
Total weight gain? +8lb, -0lb since last week - Baby is also measuring only 1 week ahead now
Baby's length from Crown to heal? 16.69in
Baby's Weight? 3.75 lb
Baby is the size of? Durian Fruit
Are you wearing Maternity clothes? Yes, all the time
Do you have stretch marks? Yes, looks like lots :)
Best moment this week? The first meet up :) it was amazing! woo!! Watching Ryan get ready for his first weeks work experience :)
Any food cravings? strawberries :)
Anything that makes you sick? Heart Burn and waking up in the morning :/
Gender? A Little Princess :D
Labour signs? No
Symptoms? Some movement (although I had 2 days of no kicking and had to go into hosp to be monitored), been in loads of pain, also more sickness than usual, hot flushes and lightning crotch!
Happy or moody most of the time? Happy :D
Anything you are looking forward to next week? Ryan's first week of work :), seeing Mum, Vicki and Margaret and Mothers day at mums :) 
Buy anything? Couple of baby shower bits and buggy weights.
How is your Sleep? Ok, had a few nightmares, bit of pain and keep getting really hot :/
Do you miss anything? No :D
Any movement? Some, she stopped moving for two days and we had to go to maternity.
Belly button in or out? Still in, but it looks like it may be on it's way out again!

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