Bump Cast!


So today my sister and I decided it was time to sit down, concentrate... oh who am I kidding! Today we decided it was time to have fun and make a bump cast of my belly!

In early December 2012 when my sister (Vicki) was 36 weeks pregnant her friend Maddy came round and covered my sister in white goo 'mud rock' her bump was MASSIVE and once it had all been finished I held it up to me and realized that you could fit 2 of me in it! So, today was my turn! So I got into my shorts and bra and got totally covered in cling film and sat in a chair for over an hour while my sister plastered cold wet pieces of mud rock onto my bump. I don't think the baby liked it too much though!

So I let it dry and here is the finished result...

(It still needs to be painted, I'm thinking of an amazing design as I type!)

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