Having my bump painted :)


So, I decided to have my bump painted for red nose day (Paint My Bump - Just Giving) and what a fantastic experience it was.

We raised £50 for Red Nose Day (You are still welcome to donate if you want).

bump painting dumbo

At 10 am Jennie came over and set all her paints out and we got started. It took just over an hour and by the size of my belly, quite a bit of paint! The theme we were going for was Disney and Jennie created a wonderful design of Dumbo with Tinkabell's dust sprinkled above saving arriving soon and a bed of flowers.

From a pregnancy point of view, I would recommend that you get your bump painted towards the end of your pregnancy whether it be for charity or just for fun. It was an amazing bonding experience and she would not stop kicking all day. It made me feel really special and I am now even more excited for the next 5 weeks to fly by. It was also really relaxing and so nice to be pampered after all the hard work of being pregnant! I can safely say, the only bit of it I did not enjoy was the thought of having to wash it off!!

The final result was amazing and can be seen more clearly below. For anyone who lives in the Norfolk area and needs/wants bump/face/body painting done, I would defiantly recommend contacting Jennie through her website as she is an extremely lovely and talented lady. She made me feel at ease and I enjoyed the whole process.

dumbo dump painting
The final design with loads of glitter :)

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