What's in Our Changing Bags - Mummy's and Daddy's


mens changing bag
 Daddy's Changing Bag

Boot's Changing Bag
Changing Mat (Included with bag)
1 small pot of Sudocrem
1 sachet of Palmers Bottom Butter
5 Nappies (Huggies)
1 pack of Huggies Pure Wipes

mum changing bagMummy's Changing Bag

101 Dalmatians Changing Bag (Custom Made)
Sainsbury's Huggies' Changing Mat
1 travel pack of Huggies Pure Wipes
3 Nappies (Huggies)
1 Nappy (Pampers)
1 Travel Pack of Nappies (Aldi)
100 Nappy Bags
Milton Soother Steriliser
10 Mini Milton Sterilising Tablets
2 Dummies (1 MAM, glow in dark and 1 Avent)
1 Dummy Clip
Detol Travel Surface Spray
1 Travel pot of Sudocrem
1 Avent Nappy Cream Sachet

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