Whats in my changing bag :)


pink lining yummy mummy changing bag
 So, my changing bag is a Pink Lining - Yummy Mummy bag and I LOVE it so much. It has two compartments on the side and 1 on the front, which are perfect for putting things in that I need to get to quickly or more often! It also has a main compartment which has 2 insulated bottle pouches, 1 phone pouch,  a main elastic pouch which is great for nappies etc, a elastic key holder, pen hole and a zip for hiding things away! It  also comes with 2 handles and a big strap which can be adjusted to fit your pram/buggy perfectly!

pink lining yummy mummy changing bag
This is my bag charm was £1 made by Tia's Treasures and also sold at Sassie Gems, all proceeds go to Charity.

changing bag contents
The inside of the bag all organised and filled up! It looks like a mess, but I really can find anything I need!

Things that go in the front compartment;
Keys - Can't go anywhere without them!

Money, Debit Card, Boots Gift Card (Which I top up monthly), Boots Points Card (as im now in there for something nearly every day!), ID and Purse.

iron tablets
Iron Tablets - Have to take these 3 times a day since coming out of hospital so best to have on hand!

Back Zip Pocket
odd bits
Cooling Breast Pads, Spare Maternity Pad and Extra Strong Mints.

Stretchy Back Pocket
This is the actual changing pocket!!
water wipes
Water Wipes - Used from day 3, don't irritate Kairi and smell lovely!

yummy mummy changing mat
Yummy Mummy Changing mat

Variety of Nappies (Pampers and Huggies) and Detol Surface Sanatiser

nappy bags
Nappy Bags

pad and pen
Pen and Paper

3 Other Pockets
odd bits
Breast Pads in Tommee Tippee Holder

hair brush baby
Baby Hair Brush, Sudo Cream and Lansinoh Nipple Cream

milton dummy sterliser
MAM Glow in the dark dummy, Milton dummy sterilizer + Mini Tablets, Dummy Strap although i'm not using these until Breast Feeding is properly established.

Main Compartment
sun glasses
My Amazing Sunglasses!

Bib and 2 Muslins

Taggy Blanket

spare clothes
Sleepsuit, Hat and 2 Vests incase she needs changing!

mummy bitas
Yummy Mummy Wet Purse £1.50 from ASDA, plus all my make-up, moisturizer and Hair Brush.

:) Keep Smiling :)
Jade and Kairi x
Baby Kairi Melody Staff

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