Dreaming of taking my little girl to Disney


Baby Kairi Melody Staff
Every girl wants to be a princess, but little did I realize until now, that every Mum wants their little girl to be a princess too.
She's 11 days old and I find my self dreaming day and night about dressing her up in princess clothes, putting tiaras upon her head and the biggest one, of taking her to Disney!

I can't wait to see her eyes light up the first time we walk through those park gates, watch her get excited as she see's Mickey Mouse for the very first time, hear her tell me over and over about her favorite character and the rides that she wants to go in and most importunately  be that crazy mother who has to take a picture of her child with every 'rock and tree and creature' within the park!

I will be saving all my money so I can give her the bibbidi-bobbidi-boutique experience, where they will dress her up, take her photo and refer to her as princess all day (I can't believe I have to wait until she is 3!) I want to take her to The Crystal Palace which is the first character meal myself, mum and sister ever had.

But I think Walt Disney World Florida is a while off yet and will take a lot of saving, so for now, I am desperately trying to persuade my sister that we NEED to take the girls to Disneyland Paris next year. Any ideas on how to do this?!

Our ultimate 'vacation' is '4 worlds, 5 girls, 1 dream' and we will make it one day! It's Me, Vicki and Mum taking Lilli and Kairi to Walt Disney World, Disneyland Paris, Disney Land California and the Disney Cruise Line in 1 holiday.

Whats your dream vacation? Perhaps you've already been lucky enough to take it!

Jade x

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