9 weeks postpartum Update!


Wow, on Thursday my baby turned 2 months! It's crazy to think she has been in my life for that long, yet she just seams to blend in and is my WHOLE world.

Kairi's Weight, Length and Head Circumference, she's getting heavy now! At Kairi's last check she was 9lb 12oz, head circumference 37cm and length 57cm.

Kairi's Milestones, Kairi seams so much more aware of what is going on now. She looks for noises she hears and is soothed by familiar people. She also likes to play on her play mat now and is enjoying tummy time more.

Kairi's Outfit of the Week, has to be this dress she wore on Fathers Day as she pooed on her outfit!

Our Week / Where we've been, 
Saturday We had a say indoors resting from the busy week before.
Sunday Was Fathers Day (see our Fathers Day post) we went to nannies and it was a lovely day, we also celebrated Uncle Tyler's 10th Birthday.
Monday We went to meeting mummies in the morning and there was loads of us! In the afternoon we bused over to play base and Kairi slept lots!
Tuesday Kairi had her first injections in the morning, she was really brave and only cried a tiny bit. We then went to boots and met one of out lovely friends who we went and had coffee with, in the afternoon we went to breastfeeding cafe and had a practice fire drill.
Wednesday We had a family day, but we slept in for most of the morning! Once we got up and went to see mummies old work friends and had coffee in Palmers, then we went for lunch with Daddy (We had Fatsos!) Then we came home and played with my toys.
Thursday we got up and went to baby bumble in the morning with Vicki and Lilli/ I slept for most of it though! Nanny was finally back from holiday and we had missed her loads, so we invited her to come to Bridge to Music with us and her and Lilli had loads of fun while I slept and Auntie Vicki and Mummy enjoyed watching Nanny play. Then we went over to nannies house for lots of cuddles, lunch and a lovely dinner.
Friday We decided to try out story cafe and it was great, We made Daddy his first picture, but we left it :(

Things that we are looking forward to for next week, We're going to look at lots of new slings next Tuesday and we are off to Beccles for the day on Wednesday too.

What I brought this week, Even more Christmas presents! Nuby breast pads, savings tins, water containers and stickers for my keyboard!                 

Our favorites this week, Chocolate finger or Oreos with Peanut butter, Moby Wrap, Play Pen and cot mobile.

What are your favorites?
Love Mummy and Kairi x

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