Breastfeeding - I wanna be a 'Eco-Mummy!'


So I love the thought of being an 'Eco-Mummy' I love baby-wearing, breast feeding, reusable stuff and saving the environment.

Breastfeeding Jewelry - There are 2 types of breast feeding Jewelry that I love. one is my breastfeeding necklace 'A Breast-Buddies Nursing Necklace has been specially designed
to appeal to and stimulate your baby'. The other is Breastmilk Jewelry which is a necklace, bracelet etc made from your own milk. Now although I found this creepy at first, I now think it's a fantastic idea and such a lovely keepsake.

Baby-wearing - I just love baby wearing so much, I hate going out without my Baba sling or Moby wrap. I think it's fantastic for Kairi to be close to me, she sleeps better, it regulates her heart beat and when shes awake I can talk to her and she can smile at me. It's great that the sling is perfect for breastfeeding and if you are skilled you can use the wrap too!

Breast wear! - So, I brought my first set of Lilypadz the other day, reusable breast pads that are fantastic at stopping leaking! Sounds great to me, I love the idea of reusable things, not throwing things away and littering the environment. Better still, I love the idea of saving money. Lilypadz can be brought online (or in store at boots) for around £15. Now although when I first thought about it, £15 seamed very expensive for breast pads, but now I realize, I'm spending £5 a week on disposable breast pads that STILL let me leak through my top so I may as well! I can't wait for them to turn up so I can start using them.
I also brought a set of breast shells, I love the idea of expressing and storing milk so my baby can have my milk if anything happened to me (although I don't want anyone else to feed her, I'd HATE the idea of her having formula more). The shells are a great idea, I leak through out the day and they can catch all my milk and then I can freeze it later, perfect! The only issue I have with them, is that they make your boobs look a funny shape. As the shells are hard, the plastic is a semi circle that attaches to your nipple giving you a kind of '3rd boob' look!

Baby-led weaning - Weaning is something I feel really passionate about doing. I know I need to do a bit more reading up on this, but i'd like Kairi to have the choice about what she eats and when she first tries things rather than forcing it upon her and she can still have mummy's milk too! So Ill start this around 6 months.

Milk Banking / Wet Nurse- I found out about this the other day. I love the idea of Milk Banking, when people really need that helping hand there is milk there for them. I'd defiantly use this rather than formula. Then there is Wet Nurse, now this is something I was thinking about, although i'm not sure and haven't made up my mind, its worth a look!

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