Feeding In Public!


I love my sister! I really do, for many reasons, but one of the more recent ones is her ability to breastfeed in public and have a laugh about it! We have a few funny breastfeeding stories, which have generally happened while we have been together, so I thought I’d share some with you.

Once me and my sister were sat at our local Starbucks having a coffee and a chat. Now what you need to know is that our Starbucks is situated inside our local shopping center so as well as being able to sit inside, you can also sit outside along the window and still be inside nice and warm! So that’s our favorite place, the chairs are big and comfy and you can watch everything which is going on in the center. So this day, we were sitting in our favorite spot and there were 2 men sitting enjoying their coffees on the other side of the window. Both our babies needed feeding, so we fed them, there and then no hesitation. The funny thing was the 2 men sitting the other side of the window saw and had a panicked look across their faces, they 'downed' their coffees faster than I have ever seen and got up and left! Me and my sister just sat their having a laugh as we then proceeded to watch nearly half the restaurant clear out!

Another funny time was when I was asked by another mother if I had 'squirted my partner yet?' At the time I didn't realize that once your milk comes in, if you have a fast let-down, its pretty easy to quirt your milk. When I found this out, it wasn't me, but my sister. As she went to feed Lilli, she managed to squirt Lilli and herself in the face!

I was also in the travel shop where my mum works once while she was serving a customer. Kairi needed feeding, so I sat in the corner (in the window again!) and fed her. The customer (Male probably about 25) was having a conversation and turned round to speak to me, he got half way through his sentence, realized I was feeding went red and apologized! Bless him, my mum explained to him that it was OK, I really didn't mind!

I've also had some really nice experiences while feeding, I've met so many people while feeding, some were feeding too and others wanted to talk to me and ask questions about what its like and if I enjoy the bond.

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