Kairi and Daddies First Fathers Day Together


So I know it's not Ryan first fathers day. But It was Ryan and Kairi's first fathers day together.

For us as we were still up fathers day started at Midnight! (We didn't go to bed until nearly 3!) Ryan being Ryan had already had his presents of Dylan (Dad glass, giant badge, chocolate coin and a card) and his 'Superman' onsie from Kairi. So he didn't have much to open.

So we kicked off our celebrations at 2:30 with a little present from Coco and Kairi consisting of 2 cards, a poem thing in a frame and some new socks!
In the morning, We tried to get up and get dressed without daddy realizing, but he did! So we couldn't go and get home surprise breakfast!

We got lovely smiles and then Kairi and Coco played together for a bit.
Me and Kairi took a quick trip out and walked Coco while Daddy got sorted and then off we went to Nanny Marilyn's house for Uncle Tyler's 10th Birthday party!

We played on the bouncy castle, fed lots and had lots of cuddles.
We also gave daddy his final present.
While we had the chance and had us all together, Me, My brother and our cousins had a lovely photo shoot too! Here are some of the pictures.

and then cuddles with Daddy before we left.

We had a wonderful day, we hope you did too.
What did you get up to?
Kairi and Mummy x

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