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I'm taking part in the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt 2013.

From 23rd June for 1 week I will be blogging about breastfeeding, from common myths to funny experiences. The Scavenger hunt gives everyone the chance to find more information about breastfeeding, win prizes and find new and interest blogs.

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5 Great Blogs that are also supporting Keep Britain Breast Feeding:

Natural Mamas We are a natural parenting forum with an emphasis on babywearing.  A Natural Mama is a mama that listens to her instincts.  A Natural Mama is more likely to cosleep, breastfeed, babywear, use gentle discipline, home educate, use complimentary medicine, follow baby-led weaning.  BUT you do not need to be doing all (or any) of them. 
Breast 4 Babies I began my breastfeeding journey 14 years ago.  I had always known that I would breastfeed, but noone really knows how they will manage with this very emotional and sometimes difficult journey.

Pobbing Along This is how I will record my little bits of the pob I don’t want to forget. 
Smiling Like Sunshine I am passionate about natural childbirth, breastfeeding, babywearing, gentle discipline, green living, organic and local foods, sustainable living and informed healthcare decisions.  Here I write about natural family living, early years education, play, food, literature, music, design and cinema. 

Oh So Amelia A family parenting lifestyle blog, full of parenting, pregnancy and baby advice, DIY's and reviews.
I also blog about my 1 year old daughter.

5 Companies that make Great Breastfeeding products:
Breast Vest Makes any top a breastfeeding top.
Monkey Mama Necklaces beautiful, functional, safe, ethical Monkey Mama necklaces are designed and handmade my WAHM, Nat.  Originally inspired by her own nursling - still going strong at 3 years old - Monkey Mama's products are designed to appeal to a mama's aesthetic and a baby's twiddly little fingers and chompy little gums.  The necklaces and bracelets are robust, non toxic, and baby and toddler safe.  They have become well loved by breastfeeding and babywearing mothers, and more than a couple of daddies too. ;)  The feature resin beads are handmade in a cottage industry in Indonesia, and are ethically traded on every step of their journey to you.
Lactivist promotes breastfeeding with witty slogan t-shirts, bags, badges and hats.  It was started by a mum Lisa when her son was tiny and she was criticised for breastfeeding. (Lisa also designed the hunt logo!)
Feed Me Mummy The Feed Me Mummy Breastfeeding Vest, it restricts the view, not your wardrobe.  Wear it under your normal clothes to breastfeed in style with minimum exposure.
Lily Padz LilyPadz® are the revolutionary alternative to traditional nursing pads combining such unique features as flexibility, breathability, invisibility, and "sticks-to-your-ability" to provide the kind of protection every expectant and nursing mother needs.

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