14 weeks postpartum update!


14 weeks! 14 weeks! 14 weeks! What more can I say?! Shes growing up so fast!

Kairi's Weight, Length and Head Circumference, Kairi now weighs 11lb 11oz, yay!

Kairi's Milestones, she is grabbing EVERYTHING now! Smiling all the time, responding and taking loads, she is a lot strong in her back and head muscles and keeps trying to pull herself up. Her gross motor control is getting loads better.

Kairi's Outfit of the Week,  Its been a VERY hard choice, but it has to be this cute flowery shorts and t-shirt set from nanny.

Our Week / Where we've been, 
Saturday We went to Nannys for the day, we were goi
Sunday  we went to nanny Marilyns for dinner and had a nice bbq.
Monday Was Uncle Davids funeral, we went and said goodbye, then out for a meal in the evening with the family to celebrate his life.
Tuesday We met Auntie Vicki and Lilli in town and then off to breastfeeding cafe,
Wednesday We went to ASDA and Daddy had an interview and got a trial day :)
Thursday we had our carpet cleaned, Auntie Vicki came over and then we went to the seafront to see nanny  Marilyn.
Friday We popped to the MESH office in the morning and then Kairi had her second set of injections, Daddy came and then we picked up- Dylan. We went to nannies and then came back and played minecraft.

Things that we are looking forward to for next week, Finding out about funding, Daddy hopefully getting a job making some clothes on the sewing machine.

What I brought this week, Our beautiful rainbow wrap :) A full size sewing machine, a hotel for 2 nights  and LOADS of fabric!!

Our favorites this week, Lemon Squash, Kairi's 3-6 clothes, fruit and veg and Lamaze play and spin.

What about you? We hope you've had a great week.
Love Mummy and Kairi x

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