15 Weeks Postpartum Update!


15 Weeks has gone by, already Kairi seams to be doing more and more and needing me less and less!

Kairi's Weight, Length and Head Circumference, Kairi's Weight is now 11lb11oz.

Kairi's Milestones, Kairi is now sitting well with support and trying to sit on her own, she is batting toys and staring at everything.

Kairi's Outfit of the Week, This cute dress which was her cousins.

Our Week / Where we've been, 
Saturday We took part in the GY Fair, we met loads of people and had a great time.
Sunday  We went to visit Nanny Marilyn and family.
Monday We went to mummies Physio in the morning and then popped into the mesh office before going home to see daddy.
Tuesday We met up with Nicola in the morning for coffee and then went to breastfeeding cafe with Vicki and Lilli, we then went to hanging at the hut.
Wednesday In the morning we took Kairi to see the doctors and got the all clear on her lumps in her head, we then came home and spent time with Daddy.
Thursday  We spent the day getting ready to go out and went to bowling with the youth club, everyone loved Kairi loads and she stayed awake and played nearly the whole time!
Friday We went off to breastfeeding cafe and saw nanny.

Things that we are looking forward to for next week, Coco's Birthday and Pirate and Princess day.

What I brought this week, Lactation Cookies! Christmas presents and an outfit from boots!      

Our favorites this week, I still love coke! Breastfeeding, Kairi now loves toys and sjhe has finally started to play with them, and the wrap as it makes a great blanket.

What did you get up to?
Love Mummy and Kairi x

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