17 Weeks Postpartum Update!


17 Weeks today! My little Baby is 3 days away from being a 4 month old!

Kairi's Weight, Length and Head CircumferenceKairi now weighs 12lb12oz that 1lb 1oz on in exactly 3 weeks.

Kairi's Milestones, Kairi started to grab things and get them into her mouth this week, she drank from a cup for the first time and is sitting up, talking and looking around loads.

Kairi's Outfit of the Week, Baby grow, I love them at the moment, I'm keeping her a baby while I can!

Our Week / Where we've been, 
Saturday Was Nicolas BBQ, we met lots of new people and Kairi saw a dalmatian for the first time.
Sunday  We took Coco to the Market and Entered him in the dog show, after we took him to Nannies house and mummy ended up doing lots of cleaning!
Monday Was music, we went and made lots of noise, did some singing and learnt new sounds, Vicki and Lilli met us there. After we went to town to check out the new baby shop.

Tuesday We went to breastfeeding cafe, but it was canceled so we got weighed, went to town with Vicki and Lilli. Then off to Nanny Marilyn's house for a party.

Wednesday Wednesday we went to town* with daddy in the morning. We then met Auntie Vicki and Lilli to have our Pixi photos done, in the afternoon we had chippies and then walked down the seafront with Daddy.
Thursday Was a crazy busy day! We went to Pleasurewood Hills with MESH Youth Group and then had Nicola round in the evening, we had a great day and Kairi sat on a train for the first time (although we did end up getting off without going anywhere!) Mummy went on a big drop ride!
Friday We went to messy play, Kairi sat and played in Shaving foam with Glitter and then JellyBaff, Kairi then got a bath in the sink before going to breastfeeding cafe with Vicki and Lilli. We then came home and saw Daddy and Dylan.

Things that we are looking forward to for next week, MESH Family Funday and the Fairy's and Wizards Day.

What I brought this week, Lactation Cookies, and they were amazing! 

Our favorites this week, Breast milk storage bags, her taggy, the bumbo and Cusions mum and me.

Hope you had a great week :)
Love Mummy and Kairi x

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