18 Weeks Postpartum Update :)


18 weeks! She's 4 months now and already trying to grab food off us! A third of a year old!

Kairi's Weight, Length and Head CircumferenceKairi hasn't been weighed recently so is still at 12lb 12oz. They also haven't measured her length.

Kairi's Milestones, Kairi is grabbing everything now, she is really working on her gross and fine motor skills. She is very alert now and seams to take everything in. She also talks all the time and shouts too!

Kairi's Outfit of the Week, Her custom dress that her Auntie Vicki brought for the fairy and wizard day.

Our Week / Where we've been, 
Saturday We got up and went to the MESH Family Funday, then cam,e home and rested.
Sunday  We had a day cleaning at home as we are moving house! We are getting Kairi her own bedroom and our first house :)
Monday We got up and went out to fairy and wizards day, we all dressed up and had lots of fun.
Tuesday  We went to town and did a bit of shopping, then we went off to breast feeding cafe.

Wednesday  There was a massive fairy and wizards day at the park, we went and listened to loads of stories Daddy came and played with Kairi lots too.
Thursday Kairi slept all day (anopther growth spurt we think!) So mummy and Daddy had a day resting, but we missed Kairi loads!
Friday Nanny had our keys so we got stuck in! Auntie Vicki went to get them and brought them to us so we could leave the house. We went out shopping and then off to breast feeding cafe.

Things that we are looking forward to for next week, Kairi's Naming Ceremony and going to the zoo :)

What I brought this week, New toys and lots of nappies! 
Our favorites this week, Toys, Kairi has been playing loads, Moses Basket (for resting in in the front room), being wrapped up and seeing family and friends.

Have a fab week!
Love Mummy and Kairi x

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