20 Weeks Postpartum Update!


20 Crazy weeks has past! I look at my princess and think wow shes long! She's doing loads now, really alert and wont stop talking! The older she seams to get, the more she is learning and the more I seam to be forgetting!
Kairi's Weight, Length and Head Circumference, Kairi now weighs 13lb 12oz. They wont check her length for a bit longer yet. (Excuse the pun!)
Kairi's Milestones, Kairi has been playing on her play mat this week and finally grabbing the toys! She's has been sitting up in all her chairs and shouting lots!
Kairi's Outfit of the Week, Snuggly pink dressing gown!

Our Week / Where we've been, 
Saturday We pottered about all day and went to a house welcoming in the evening.
Sunday Our friend was coming down for the weekend, so we cleaned in the morning and then picked him up from the station. We popped to asda and then came home and chilled out.
Monday We played board games, watched DVD's and chatted lots.
Tuesday We walked our friend back to the train station, we went to Asda, Kairi had  her 4 month check and we went to breastfeeding cafe.
Wednesday We had a day of rest, just relaxed and played with toys.
Thursday We went to see Nanny and went to training, then came home and packed ready to move the next morning!
Friday We got the keys to our new house! and started to move in. We also went to breastfeeding cafe.
Things that we are looking forward to for next week, The groups stating soon!! Going round my sisters for dinner, Friends Party's and getting Kairi's room sorted.

What I brought this week, Lots of bits for the new house, Disney Infinity and same nappies etc.                
Our favorites this week, Our New House, Asda Nappies, Mam Dummies, Summer Dresses, Wrap, Disney Buggy and blankets.
What are your favorites?
Love Mummy and Kairi x

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