7 Months Update!


Well, as you know we moved, but unfortunately, with moving came NO INTERNET for 2 months! Meaning it was impossible to update Kairi's blog :(
The plan was to write Kairi's Weekly Update until 6 months and then do monthly updates on Kairi's and Our life from there.(So I have only missed 1 weekly update and 1 monthly update!)

So here is Kairi's 7 months update! Time is going crazy fast and every day she seams able to do more and more. I love my little princess more than anything in the world.

Kairi's Weight, Length and Head Circumference, Kairi will be weighed after Christmas, I'm waitinga while now she has started solids as I am not worried about her weight at all, so have no reason to get her checked.

Kairi's Milestones, Kairi sits up on her own now, loves playing with sensory/treasure basket items, her current favorites are pegs and bells! She's eating solid food (no mush!) Kairi has also graduated from baby bumble.

Kairi's Outfit of the Month, the cutest Christmas dress with her Christmas bonnet.

A Typical Week This Month,
Saturday Sometimes we play, sometimes shop and sometimes we have my brother over.
Sunday Every other week we go see Nanny for dinner.
Monday We go to play base from 1 until 2:30. We play with toys, having a snack and then sing songs. When we come home, we go to Asda with daddy to do our weekly shop.
Tuesday We meet Auntie Vicki and Cousin Lilli and go to breastfeeding cafe from 1-3, We see our friends there too. We sometimes go to Nannys for dinner afterwards.
Wednesday Treasure baskets is from 1-2, we usually go and see Auntie Carla in the shop before we go.
Thursday I get to spend my morning having cuddles with mummy, we do lots of playing, feeding and pumping then at 3 mummy goes to work and I have a fun evening with daddy (he takes me to the shops!)
Friday Depends on how lazy we are feeling! Sometimes in the morning we will lay in bed! Sometimes we go to story cafe (where we do stories, art and singing) and occasionally we will go swimming or if we fancy something different, me and Lilli do cooking with Auntie Vicki and Mummy! In the afternoon we all go to breastfeeding cafe.

Things that we are looking forward to for next month, Christmas, although noone is as excited as mummy, all our decorations are already up! Were also looking forward to having more money now daddy has a job :)

Exciting things that have happened this month, Me, Nanny and Mu
mummy went to Milton Keynes and helped open the Disney store. We went shopping in Norwich with Auntie Vicki and our friends, We went to Auntie Nikita's Wedding, Daddy got a Job, Mummy went back to work, Mummy and Daddy set a wedding date.

What we brought this month, loads and loads of christmas presents! Mummy got a 3ds and Daddy got a PSVita, Kairi got lots of new beautiful Christmas dresses too.
Our favorites this week, Bells, Pegs, Baby walker, Cot, Kairi's Doggy!

Hope you've had a fab month too!
Love Mummy and Kairi x   
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