We're Getting Married?!


With the fantastic news of Ryan having a job (and us having money!) We decided to set a date! (I can't believe it!!) So I thought it would be really nice to blog about all the planning that goes on before the big day which is only 372 days away!

Monday 1st December 2014
and you've probably guessed it, our theme... Christmas!

Follow My Pinterest board here: http://www.pinterest.com/janiie/christmas-wedding-ideas/

We love geeky things, but as our theme is Christmas, I'm having a hard time deciding what I love most, so here is a whole board of invitation that I've looked at so far!http://www.pinterest.com/janiie/wedding-invitations/ But I do like the idea of a simple invitation like this, it can be made cheap and easy and have all the information printed on the back :)

Wow, there are so many unique and beautiful rings, I had to make another board for these too! http://www.pinterest.com/janiie/rings/
My top 3 in no particular order are:
The 'Hidden Message ring' I love how it looks so normal, but holds a secret inside that only the 2 of you share.
 The 'Christmas Ring' This ring is so pretty and just screams Christmas to me.
The 'Love you' Ring I love how its so simple, yet incorporates 3 very powerful words.
I think a good centerpiece is really important to set the theme at dinner, so here are my top 3!
Simple Baubles in a bowl, Eye catching. I'm just not sure if it would work like this with our colors.
I love this idea, so cheap and simple, yet it look beautiful, but not over the top.
Cranberries! I love it! Such a fab idea and they look so pretty.
I love decorations and these look fab to make!
Words down the isle.
Bauble name places, fantastic!
This is so cute, I'm thinking about making one for our house :)
Confetti, I'm defiantly going to make confetti cones for the wedding, they are a simple idea, but great fun for everyone!
How cute and simple are these! They would make a nice center piece, but I thought they would look better under and above people glasses
If we don't use the above, I like the idea of this, a sprig of Christmas on everyone's plates :)
So not in purple, but how amazing does the roof of baubles look, may have to try this one out!
and finally if it doesn't cost the earth, i'd love to do this for when we walk down the isle or enter the reception.
What will we wear! (Maybe!):
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this fur hood so much :)
For the flower girls to carry.
A geeky Red Tie
Such a cute little extra!
My baby is really going to be a princess in a dress like this, toddling along :)
This is the prettiest dress I've seen, I really love it, the only thing I would change is I would make it more 'puffier'!
Pretty, Cute and Simple nails.
I love both these dresses, but I would change a few parts of them, I also would like the fur from the bottom right and I love the beading on the bottom left.
Flowers (Well Kind of!):
What says Christmas more than... Baubles

I love how unique this is.
These are the only flowers I like (and they are not really flowers!) Perfect for bridesmaids.
Button holes very simple, but do need a unique twist!
A perfect bouquet! I really must have this! It's so me and so beautiful.
These are the only cakes that have stuck out so far, but i'm not in love with them, they are just pretty.

Christmas presents (Be good if it was Christmas cake!)
Using the bauble theme!
Fun Ideas:
Little pieces of added genius to an already perfect day!

Genius table names! (Witch Christmas questions on the back!)
Serving a variety of Christmas drinks, eggnog, baileys (in chocolate cups!) Pumpkin juice, ginger bread latte etc!
A fun game for guests to play and it means we get the pictures we want at the end of the night! 
Fun advice and a great keepsake!

A wreath made out of everyone's messages
A cute scrapbook, old and beautiful. I love to have our scrap book there too.
I think individually wrapped mincepies would be great, but I also like these ideas too!

Mini Santa sacks filled with a little snowman poop or reindeer food!
The ingredients for a perfect hot chocolate (including the marshmallows!)
A 'sweet' idea!
I Love the idea of giving our guests a late night snack, bottles of coke or water for the journey home with a hot chocolate and cookie.
Make your own ginger bread men on a buffet or in a little pack to take home.
What do you think? I'm very excited!!

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