Crazy play time!


So we play and we play and we play! Sometimes we make a big mess, sometimes we don't, but here are some of our favourite moments of our 11 months of play time caught on Camara :)

Holding a toy for the first time!

Cousin time on the play mat!

Testing out the mobile!

One of the first moments of watching tv (she met Barney! And now is obsessed so she doesn't get to watch it much!)

First time in the paddling pool!

Dribbly tummy time!

Laughing with mum

On the beach

Reading books :)

At a restaurant

Hiding in my toys!

Leaning to crawl and realising we have a dog!

Laughing with my cousin

Carrying my doll! (And trying to eat her!)

Feeding myself

Our first play time without the adults!

Trying to walk

Riding my poodle!

Using the ballapalooza

Something on my nose, I'm helping to open the Xmas Eve box!

Nearly worked out how to crawl

Gloop is fun!

Learning to draw

Helping Lilli empty the toys

Using the apptivity case

Sharing shaky eggs!

Going through my tunnel!

The first time I bum shuffled!

Trying to catch the leaf!

Brushing my own teeth

Exploring glow sticks!

Painting with water

Playing with fairy lights

Messy play with paints

Pulling myself up!

So there are quite a few pictures here and I really wanted to post LOADS more :)

It's been an amazing 11 months 5 weeks until the big day!!!

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