Kairi is 11 months!


So here I sit at 00:25 with a beautiful princess laying fast asleep on my lap and I think... Where the earth have the last 11 months gone, that's right, in 4 days our princess will be 11 months old!
There are exactly 5 weeks today until her first birthday!
I'm so excited and so crazy in love with her!

Kairi's Weight, Length and Head Circumference, the last time we got Kairi weighed was at the beginning of January when she was 17lb 7oz. Well probably get her weighed after her birthday so we can find out her length :)

Kairi's Milestones, well what can I say! Our crazy baby seams to have grown up and is doing every thing now! Kairi has finally learnt how to crawl she's 'talking' loads saying mum mum and dad dad she also calls Coco mupb (supposed to be mutt!) in the past fought-night, she's learnt how to crawl and cruise around the furniture and today she started to pull her self up and sit herself down! She's learnt to drink her water out of a straw and eats everything by herself, she's so clever, I'm so proud of her every day :)

Kairi's Outfit of the post, auntie Vicki and cousin lilli gave us this beautiful dungarees and we love them so much :)

A Typical Week This post,
Saturday We play at home, sometimes we see auntie Vicki and lilli when they come over, other times we catch up on sleep
Sunday Every other week we go see Nanny for dinner.
Monday Kairi gets up with daddy while mummy is out, at 11 mummy comes home and takes Kairi out to the play area where she gets to play with Lilli and Elissa-Mae. After lunch, we go to play base. Where we play with toys, having a snack and then sing songs. When we come home, we go to Asda with daddy to do our weekly shop, clean the house and have dinner before we has lots of cuddles and watch a family film :)
Tuesday We meet Auntie Vicki and Cousin Lilli and go to breastfeeding cafe from 1-3, We see our friends there too.
Wednesday we have a group at 9:30am! Then we come home and have lunch and play with our toys.
Thursday Daddy gets me up and dressed and then I get to spend my morning having cuddles with mummy, we do lots of playing and feeding then. In the afternoon, mummy goes to work and I have a fun evening with daddy.
Friday Depends on how lazy we are feeling! Sometimes in the morning we will lay in bed! In the afternoon, we either go swimming or go to the play area with our friends :)

Things that we are looking forward to for next month, Kairi's first birthday!! Mummy has spent loads of pennies and daddy is taking us to go see disney on ice with nanny, auntie Vicki and Lilli :) we're very excited!!

Exciting things that have happened recently, 
Cousin Lilli and our friend Elissa-Mae both turned 1! We had an amazing first family Christmas and mummy and daddy booked their wedding! I've learnt how to get about and now the world needs to be ready for me!!

What we brought this time!, lots of birthday presents, a new carrier (Madame goo goo!), a table and chairs set (we can finally have a really family dinner, coffee table, lots of bits and bobs for the wedding like millions of baubles!

Our favorites this week, Our Madame goo goo!, Johnson's baby cologne, having a table and chair set, cushions mum and me bedtime balm,
Baby grows, cloth nappies and work at home mums making amazing items! Oh and of course mummies milk still ;)

We hope you've had a time that's as amazing as ours has been!
Love Mummy and Kairi x   

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