It's nearly birthday time!


As I sit here watching you, I'm starting to realise just how much you have grown in the past year.

It's 2 days until your birthday, your presents are wrapped, your trip is planned, your party is ready and your sitting there in the floor playing bricks totally unaware that it's all happening!

There, it just happened, it's just dawned on me that I'm no longer going to have a baby! Time is passing extremely fast, you've just stood unaided for 5 seconds and you're about to become a toddler!

A toddler!!! How did that happen, it was only 2 weeks ago I found out I was pregnant and here you are getting ready for your first steps!

I'm looking at you now and I can just see so many changes ready for your first birthday not only are you standing unaided, but your crawling now and fast too! You're pulling yourself up and your hair is starting to resemble repunzle! You pull your toys out and put them back again, your into everything you should and shouldn't be!

I'm so proud of you, you've accomplished so much in a year and you're turning into the most beautiful, smart and happiest young lady I know.

I just want to say happy birthday princess, I love you more than anything, you are my world. I hope you have the best birthday that has ever been had and I hope with it come many happy photos and memories for the future.

Love mummy x 

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