Missing Daddy


We got fantastic news before Kairi's first birthday.

Ryan got a job in Cambridge in game design, we were over the moon and busy making plans, at that point, the sad news seamed to hide in the back of my mind.

But sitting here today, the bad news it's truly all around.
Were on the 3rd week and yet it doesn't seam to be getting any easier :(

We only get to see Daddy at the weekends now, he works and lives in Cambridge.

Every Sunday seams to be getting harder, we walk to the station to say bye.
All week Kairi says 'dad' this and 'dad' that. She picks up her phone (or any other phone shaped item) and says 'hiya dad' all week long.

We miss him so much, our time together is so precious.
We love you daddy, hope to be with you soon x

Love mummy and Kairi x

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