I'm a lazy mummy! (Breastfeeding Benefits)

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Im a lazy mummy! No, that doesn't mean I lay in bed all day while my toddler just does her thing, but it means if there is an easier option that is just as good, I will take it! I mean why make more work for myself? So breastfeeding seamed like the only option right!

You wake up its 3am, your toddler has had you up teething all night so far and you just got 23 mins kip (yes, you counted, sleep is that precious!) so the last thing you want/need to be doing in getting yourself out of your warm bed (you know it will wake you up completely!) stumble down the stairs without falling and then fumble round the kitchen trying to sterilise bottles, boil the kettle and measure powder! You after spending what feels like an eternity making this bottle, you re-climb your stairs, hold you now screaming child and feed her.

No, not in our house, it's 3am, you hear a wimper, your boobs already out. (You must have fallen asleep feeding earlier) you point it in her direction, you feel a few sucks... It's 8am alarm goes off guess you fell back to sleep as she got her milk just like that!

So for me (the lazy mum!) the benefits to everyday breastfeeding are:
It's sterile (no need to be using a steriliser
It's there (no mixing powder and water)
It's the right temperature (no heating/cooling bottles)
It's the only natural food designed for my baby and protects my baby from infections and diseases!
It's always available EXACTLY when we need it!

But then there is the 'special event' benefits:
Like when you go and holiday and get all that extra space! (My list: 2 boobs, check!) (other peoples lists sterlizer, bottle, formular/cows milk (or worrying about where to buy cows milk/bottled water)

Of course, there are the other benifits too (the mummy benifits)
Like reducing the risk of cancer! (Sounds like a great BIG HUGE plus to me)
And my person favourite no periods! (Ok so it's not for everyone, but most get no periods, I've had 2 periods since I've pregnancy (22 months ago!!)
Ohh and did I mention it uses up to 500 calories a day (yes I'll have another slice of cake please!)
Breastfeeding cafés! (They are free, you make friends for life, get information on anything from feeding to itchy legs! And there's free tea, coffee, squash, fruit and cake!)
It gives you a special bond and an amazing sense of achievement :)

I guess the BIGGEST BENEFIT for us though... It's FREE!!! (We saved so much money!)

What's your biggest benifit?
Love Kairi and Mummy x

5 blogs I can't wait to read today :)

Eats on Feats - For Milk Sharing

An amazing company with great products :)

Wriggles and Giggles - A great Company that have great products and fantastic cloth nappies too (we use these on Kairi)

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  1. Formula is soooo expensive. I'm glad that I've saved loads of money too. I also think it's much easier and a great way to comfort your baby. Great post - thanks for sharing.

  2. My little girl was born poorly and I knew breastfeeding was the best thing for her. Until she was born I hadn't decided. At almost 13m we're still going strong. So much easier than bottles, plus, I can't go out and firget my boobs!x

  3. Why would I do anything else? it just seamed so natural

  4. I breastfeed because its free, and its portable! With 5 children i have enough to cart around on days out without adding bottles to the list lool.

  5. It was never a case odf deciding for me. It was a natural process... Hard at first but crazinly amazing!

  6. Agree it's so much quicker and easier to breastfeed the process of sterilising making up feeds is just so long winded

  7. ive chosen to breasfeed because i want the bond/closeness and it will benefit us both

  8. I agree it's much easier to breast fed no special equipment required.

  9. I love everything about Breastfeeding and every moment of my Breastfeeding journey with my now 8 month old son. I had decided just to keep an open mind and see how I got on, and though it was quite difficult in the first week, I felt so much enjoyment from being able to support my baby in the way my body was made to. Plus we saved loads of money and loads of hassle. Definitely recommend Breastfeeding cafes as they really helped to give me confidence with it!

  10. Is it bad to say that initially I chose to breastfeed because mixing up formula and sterilising equipment and having to remember to take extra bottles on top of everything that a baby needs even when just 'popping out' and having to listen to screaming baby whilst heating up milk, all sounded way too much work! Now, I bf because it is the best feeling in the world when she looks up at me with a little smile that is all for me and no-one else! :-)

  11. I juust wanted the best for my babies, however hard it has been at times and I couldn't be doing with the faff of bottles!!!

  12. It's free and something only I can do for my child

  13. To give the best possible start in life x

  14. Lynsey Buchanan21 June 2014 at 18:53

    Its the best start in life for baby and its free

  15. It was the option that best suited my lifestyle.

  16. Health benefits for us both and we cosleep, so no getting out of bed in the middle of the night

  17. Health benefits plus the immediacy of being able to respond to hunger- I can't forget my boobs when I go out!

  18. because it feels like the most natural thing in the world


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