Why I'm taking my peer support training. (The Importance of Breastfeeding support)

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Thinking about the support I've had to breastfeed over the past year and a half has been amazing!
Breastfeeding support needs to start early, before the baby is born (exactly how it did with me) I feel having a chance to get to know your supporters before you are in the position that you need their help can be a big factor on how likely you are to succeed.
Think about it, if you know your supporter by name, face, you see them pass and they smile or say hi, your more likely to feel comfortable when asking for their help, you'll feel a lot easier in a room with them when you have to get your boob out and in turn your more likely to succeed.

Partners, Parents, Family, Friends and other siblings all play their role in support, a friend that can text you back at you 3am feed will feel like the only other person in the world at that time, a partner who will sit up or get you a drink, a family member who will let you chew their ear off, all these people will get you to the goal, whether it be 6 weeks, 6 months, or 6 years.

So in a week, im taking the nexty step! After exculsively breastfeeing for 6 months and then carring on (still at 14 months) I feel its time for me to help others! So i'm starting my peer support training! By next month, I'll be trained to help mothers with any problems, I can wait to make that difference to someones life and help others just as others helped me :)

Would you become a supporter? Who is/will be your best support now?
Mummy and Kairi x

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  1. I'm currently coming up to 13m. My partner and my mum have been amazing support. I'd love to become a breastfeeding supporter.

  2. my best friend. She breastfed my godson until he was 2.5 x

  3. Really lucky to have a very supportive husband.

  4. Coming up to 21 months here. Husband has supported along the way. Would love to become a peer supporter

  5. My husband and the breastfeeding adviser Jo at my local children's centre.

  6. my sister whos feeding my niece

  7. How exciting! Hope you enjoy your training - good luck :)

    (and thanks for the mention too)

  8. One day I would love to be a peer supporter. My greatest support is my husband.

  9. My husband in some ways but I often think he wishes I would quit

  10. My mum full of helpful advice

  11. My friend says its definitely her husband x


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