Baby Naminé Eve Staff was born!


Baby Naminé Eve Staff 

7lb12oz weight
15/01/15 at 9:21 am (edd 23/01/15)

My birth story - 

Just before Christmas I started getting extremely itchy, so told my midwife, at my consultant appointment they decided that I wouldn't see him and I needed blood tests, scans and monitoring instead.

After being in and out of hospital all week and being told all was ok, on Tuesday 13th January at 7pm, I got a phone call asking me to come in there and then for an induction (no reasons why and of course I declined.
I phoned Ryan, told him to get packing and come home, ready for baby to come!

The next day I went in to the hospital at 7pm, with mum and Kairi for support. I sat down and asked to speak to a doctor or consultant about why I needed to be induced so I could make an informed decision.

The doctor and nurse explained that I had OC (Obstetric cholestasis), which is what was causing my itching.
Because of the OC I needed to be induced as there is a high risk of still birth that can not be reduced by frequent monitoring.

After getting information from the doctor, I agreed to be induced, but expressed my concerns about having to leave my little girl who is still breastfed (obviously I was quite upset as I had never left her before and had no idea how she would be without her milk). The nurse agreed to move me into a side room and let my princess stay with me. Ryan finally got here, popped in to see us for 15 mins and then had to leave as visiting time was over.

At 11pm they checked me and decided to start my induction, then left me to 'get a good sleep'. Through the night I started to get niggles, so I kept Kairi feeding as much as possible which helped to make the contractions stronger.

At 6 o'clock we where woken up and the pessary fell out. As we were close to change over time I had to wait for new staff. Mum turned up just after 9 for a while and then went to change Kairi while they checked me, they told me my waters were ready to be broken, so we could go after 10.

Ryan turned up and spent some time with Kairi then at about 11:30 she went with nanny for a day out and they took me and Ryan down to delivery suit.

At 1pm they broke my waters and me and Ryan had a game of dice masters, chatted and breathed through the contractions.
At around 3pm they put me on the drip to help speed things along and at 4.25pm I was nearly ready to push. 4.35pm Naminé Eve Staff was born, all went well, her cord ties were put on and my placenta was delivered fine.

I then spent 4 hours on the drip and Naminé latched on perfectly. Once off the drip, Naminé had her check and we were free to go home.

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