Learning to trust yourself... And your baby...

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It's hard! It's really really hard!

You're absolutely knackered, you've not slept well for a few months then you get hours of regular pains followed bu crazy painful pushing and suddenly, your handed this beautiful newborn baby. And although you've already done it before, suddenly holding a tiny squish, dressing her, feeding her is insanely difficult. What if you break her? What if you drop her? How do you support her head and dress her? Why can't she lift her own bum up when you change her nappy?

So you start to feed her, she sleeps through the night and you're up all night trying to wake her! You give her skin to skin, change her bum, then 7am comes and you realise you've been up all night but baby slept through! The midwife comes over and weighs your baby, her weight is fine (she's barely lost anything) but she's concerned that baby isn't feeding every 3 hours or less.

Your milk has come in, your babies been having wet and dirty nappies and your latch is fine. Yet you can't trust your baby, you were told that she should be feeding more.

After nearly 2 weeks of waking her up (and her still sleeping!) trying to establish a better routine you finally start deciding to just trust her, she knows what she wants, she knows when she's hungry, so you trust her. You let her feed wen she chooses, sleep when she chooses and you start to relax.

Day 13 comes, the health visitor turns up and weighs her, she's put on loads of weight! She's over her birth weight and the lady congratulates you on feeding well.

Finally you can relax and trush your body and your baby.
Your feeding 2 children, they're both happy and healthy and your doing the right thing :)

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