Naminé's 2 week update


2 weeks old already! It's insane, she slept through a few nights, she's kept me up a few hours, she been here 2 weeks, yet it seams a life time has past! I wouldn't change anything, she's perfect just like her sister :)

Weight, Length and Head Circumference, at birth Naminé weighed 7lb 12oz and on day 5 she had lost a little and was roughly 7lb 4oz, she is now 7lb 14oz so put on really well :)

Milestones, Naminé has started to hold her head up this week for longer periods of time, she's also opening her eyes and is awake much more so is starting to take on her surroundings.

Outfit of the Week, I'm totally in love with baby grows at the moment, so she's only worn 2 outfits so far! The one to leave the hospital and one for her cousin Lillis first birthday party.
My fave has to be the one that Auntie Vic got her :)

Our Week / Where we've been, 
Thursday we went to nanny Traci's for dinner. Kairi played with her kitchen and helped nanny make tea and Naminé got lots of cuddles while mummy and daddy relaxed.
Friday we stayed at home and rested, mummy is still in a lot of pain, so can't go out everyday.
On Saturday it was cousin Lillis birthday, so we went to her party to celebrate and got lots of pictures from auntie vic too, after we went to nanny Marilyn's and I got to meet my big brother Dylan for the first time. 
Sunday we stayed at home all day and relaxed, sorted the house out and played with Kairi's kitchen, we all celebrated Naminé's birth with a film and takeaway.
On Monday Kairi was really poorly with food poisening, so we stayed in and helped her to get better.
Tuesday Daddy was ill, looks like it had finally caught him up, so we had another day relaxing.
On Wednesday we stayed at home all day and rested, caught up on lots of sleep and planned to do things for the rest of the week. Mummy and Kairi popped to town to get some shopping and have some quality time together.

Weight loss/belly update, I'm back bellow my pre-pregnancy weight :) found some pictures of my weight a year ago and after having Kairi and I've lost 1st 2lb so very happy. (Also enjoyed wearing a costume for once too!)

Things that we are looking forward to next week, we get signed off from the midwife next week yay! Swimming for the first time! Kairi can get back into her routine with groups and we're hoping to try a new one out :)
Sadly, Daddy has to leave, but at least we get more bed space!

Our favorites this week, The bobbly blanket, Kairi's kitchen and spending time with daddy.

We hope you've had a lovely week too
Love Mummy, Kairi and Naminé

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