When the 2 princess met!


On 15th Of January 2015 I gave birth to our newest addition Naminé Eve Staff.

Once she was here and safe, the first thought on my mind was about my 2 princesses meeting each other.

So at 00:30 on 16th January 2015, when we finally got home, Kairi Melody Staff met Naminé Eve Staff.

It's a moment I don't think I'll ever forget, we had just got back and layed Naminé in the Moses basket while we got Kairi ready for bed.

Once Kairi was in her pyjamas, she (for some unknown reason) stood up and peered into the Moses basket. The look of her face, that massive smile from ear to ear, was priceless. It was a look I will never forget, she was so happy to see her sister. We went to bed, all with massive smiles on our faces.

The next morning the happiness continued, after a fantastic sleep, the girls had their first cuddle, tandem breastfeed and nap together.

There are so many more firsts to come, I can't wait to see them play together, share their food and share all those special times like I have with my sister.

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