3 week postpartum update


3 weeks old today! Time is rushing by so
Fast! Both my babies are growing up so quick! So Naminé only has 1 more week of being a 'newborn'! So I'm busy cherishing the cuddles :)

Weight, Length and Head Circumferenceno update, we got signed off from the midwife this week, but decided not to weight her as we didn't need to :)

Milestones, Naminé is awake for much longer periods now, she's starting to look around. Kairi has finally done a wee on her potty! (First time today) were so proud!

Outfit of the Week, Kairi's dungarees and Naminés leopard print baby grow.

Our Week / Where we've been, 
Thursday Namine had her first bath (she was 2 weeks!) we had lots of fun playing too .
Friday we went swimming, Naminé wasn't too keen on the cold, but liked the water, Kairi enjoyed herself, but was a bit nervous.
On Saturday Kairi stopes breathing. So we didn't go anywhere because once she was better we were still very worried about her, nanny Traci pooped over for 5 minutes to see if Kairi was ok.
Sunday we we went to nanny Marilyn's for dinner, it was daddy's last day before leaving, so we had lots of cuddles. 
On Monday We took Kairi to the doctors and then auntie Vicki came over with Lilli to do some pictures. We all had lunch and then met up with Ebony and Elissa to go to playbase.
Tuesday We had the midwife in the morning and got signed off, went with nanny to the bank to open Naminé's account and then went to hers for lunch and dinner. Auntie Vicki and Lilli also came for dinner so we sued LOTS!
On Wednesday we stayed at home, both nannies came over for a quick visit and we popped to town for 10 minutes to get some supplies mummy spent the day sewing while we napped and played.

Weight loss/belly update, no update this week as I'm in bed and have no pictures!

Things that we are looking forward to next week, daddy coming home tomorrow! Going to a few groups and maybe buying a new toy box!

Our favorites this week, Naminé loves the bobbly blanket, Kairi's loves her shopping trolley, basket and kitchen and mummy loves her portable phone charger and tandem baby wearing. We all also LOVE Skype because it means we can talk to daddy and see him!

We hope you've had a lovely week too
Love Mummy, Kairi and Naminé

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