5 week postpartum update!


5 weeks old already! 5 weeks we've been breastfeeding, it's such a short time and gone so fast, yet it feels like she's been here an eternity. She just fits and she's oh so perfect.

Weight, Length and Head Circumference, health visitor is coming tomorrow, so she'll probably be weighed then.

Milestones, Naminé tries to roll all the time! And is really looking at things taking them in now.

Outfit of the Week, cute pink pram suit! I love it (plus the tiny cute pink hat!)

Our Week / Where we've been, 
Thursday we went to nannies for dinner with auntie Vicki and Lilli. We had a lovely time and chatted lots!
Friday we stayed in and cleaned and tidyed ready for daddy to come see us.
Saturday mummy went to the doctors, then Kairi went out with daddy and we have a lovely afternoon and even together. We watched a nice film too :)
Sunday we went to nanny Marilyn's for dinner. Daddy went home and then auntie Vicki and Lilli came over to play and have a sleep over!
Monday mummy had the doctors in the mornings for blood tests and then we went to the play area with our friends, when we came home the girls napped and mummy did some sewing.
Tuesday we had a day at home playing. We had lots of fun and mummy sat and updated her blog.
Wednesday we went to the park with auntie Vicki and Lilli, we had a picnic and then went back to play at theirs and have dinner.

Weight loss/belly update, haven't been weighed, I will do next week :)

Things that we are looking forward to next week, daddy coming home tomorrow! )of course!) getting ready to go on our first family holiday/honey moon and planning kairis birthday and party!

Our favorites this week,  As we have been a bit ill, shuffle babe and calpol nasal spray have been fab! (Also halls and lockers for mummy!) Naminé loves her wrist rattle and Kairi's loves playing in her kitchen making cup of teas and toast! (Also lots of ice cream!) mummy loves her computer again and the fact the house looks presentable even with 2 kids! And home delivery is fab!

We hope you've had a lovely week too
Love Mummy, Kairi and Naminé

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