Advice from a new mum of 2!


As I lay here staring at my children, I realise that tomorrow my little baby will turn 6 weeks. 6! She'll no longer be my 'little baby' because at 6 weeks they become just 'baby'.

So why does this sadden me, we'll probably not for the reasons you would expect. I realised she is 6 weeks, the newborn staged finished at 4 and I was too busy being a mum.

Sounds confusing I know, but my toddler she needs me loads, she misses her daddy, falls over, wants to feed, be stimulated so I'm constantly busy. If I'm not doing that I'm trying to get things clean or feed us, or actually get us out of the door!

And... I realised today, I missed our hugs! I didn't get many of those tiny newborn, squishy hugs, I was too busy being a mum to your sister, so I passed you to other people who wanted to meet and cuddle you, or layed you in your Moses basket to sleep. 

So now, I've missed the new born hugs and the tiny baby hugs and now tomorrow you become just 'baby' and I feel like I'm missed 6 weeks of your life. Perhaps it's why you'd not smiling yet or babbling at people. I hope not, because I do love you princess and I'd love to be able to spend all day staring at your face like I did with your sister.

So my advice to the new mum of to, is find a way.

Find a way to hold a little closer, stare a little longer and enjoy those first 2 stages, because they really go so fast and you won't get them back again.

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