Kairi's 22 month update!


So Kairi is 22 months today and her vocabulary is crazy now! We are still breast feeding even the word hu the tandem journey has been crazy so far. We love our bonding time.

Weight, Length and Head Circumferencewe don't get Kairi measured very offen, so no update.

Milestones, Kairi can say over 50+ words now and loves to use people names. She's started to learn colours and counting too. She's also attempted using the potty and will be starting potty training today!

Outfit of the month, has to be these lovely dungereese and White vest and white tights :)

Our typical week, 
Monday we usually go to playbase and the play area, sometimes pop to Costa for a tasty drink!
Tuesday we stay in, clean and tidy and play lots of pretend play.
Wednesday we try to go out, pop to the shops of see auntie Vicki and Lilli.
Thursday is usually the day nanny is off so we go have dinner and see her.
Friday we get the house ready for daddy to come home and play.
Saturday we relax with daddy, have lots of cuddles and sometimes pop out.
Sunday fortnightly we go to nanny Marilyn's for a roast dinner. On alternate weeks we stay at home and have a family day.

Things that we are looking forward to next month, were going on our honeymoon and it's the girls first trip to Disney! We're also looking forward to planning kairis 2nd birthday! (Cant believe its this close already) thirdly were looking forward to moving in with daddy! We'll hate to leave our friends and family but it's going to be amazing to live together again :)

Our favorites this month, portable phone charger, little tykes cooking creations wooden cooker, melda swing pump and totsbot nappies.

We hope you've had a lovely month too
Love Mummy, Kairi and Naminé

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