The little things


I hope, as the years go by and the girls are older, they remember the little things that I do (and hopefully will continue to do!) just like I remember them with my mum.

Just those tiny little details, the ones the outside would have no idea about. But I'm so thankful for, they're the ones I think about late at night, the ones that make me smile, make me laugh and even sometimes make me cry a million happy tears.

I remember mum would cut the middle (a tiny circle!) out of 1 price of carrot on our roast, after a few times, we would hunt for it! We were just so excited to find it! Or hiding the wish bone on our plates, which we would then make a wish on (which usually consisted of cheese!)

We get a calender every christmas, we know it's coming, but it's still exciting.
Mine just hangs up in the kitchen, I never fill it in (I plan too, I never make it past the first week!) but every time I'm standing in the kitchen waiting for something I smile at the loving words that mum has chosen.

The random cards sent through the post (even when we live in the same town and see each other regulary) or the little chocolate bar or surprise that she it out into the letter box for me to find when I check the post.

Or my hen weekend, she found us an amazing deal so we could have an awesome time and made a lovely banner, decorated the place and just made it extra special.

The fact that on my wedding day, she had these surprise scratch cards (where we were all take winners!) or that she went to let my dog out at night and we came home to banners, balloons and rose petals all over our bed.

When we had our second baby along with my sister, they cleaned my house, got it all today and ready for us to come home.

And so many other things! They're just all the little things, the things to an average outside look boring, like they don't matter, but to me, they really do matter, they really make my day, they're the things that make me smile, the things that keep me going when I'm down and the things that get me through the hard times.

So thank you mum for the little things, I know I probably don't say thank you anywhere near enough, but I really do mean it and I really can't wait to start even more little things with my 2 princesses x

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