Things that I didn't even realise you could do different beforebecoming a mum!


So before I was a mum I started my career in childcare, I did years of training and really thought I knew it all when it came to children... But how wrong could I get!

You see when I first changed a nappy at work... The baby MOVED! How do you cope with a moving baby! The dolls never moved and it didn't say anything about moving in the books, they made it look so easy!

Then there was all the other bits that I hadn't thought of, I'd worked in nurserys so I'd only ever seen children bottle fed and as I was in the baby room, (this was from 3 week olds) breastfeeding, well that had never even crossed my mind!

So I got pregnant with Kairi and this whole new world opened up, now there were all these decisions and they just kept coming and coming!

So first there was the obvious; The Breast or bottle debate and this is really where everything changed because the girl who could make 10 bottles of different formula with her eyes closed did some reasearch and realised that for us Breast was the answer. (and yes it was hard at first but at 21 months and tandem feeding I am defiantly say it's worth it!)

Then came other decisions I had never thought about; (and for most, didn't even know other options existed!)
- cot, co-sleeper or bed share (yes safe bed sharing rules)
- disposables or cloth
-nappy creams or coconut oil
The list goes on!

Then there were other things like giving birth, I had always thought it was a HUGE slash of water, rush to hospital scream, shout, epidural and then baby is here and go home.
But of course home birth is a choice and water birth, you can keep your placenta (paint it or eat it or do something else entirely!) throw it away, catch your baby, cut its cord, have any or no pain relief.

And then I see that there is a whole future of these stranges decisions ahead of us! No-poo, csp, home education, vaccinations and a whole variety of other things I probably haven't come across yet!

Being a parent is a mine field, but there is one thing I'm certain of... EVERY parent makes the right choice for their child no matter what the outcome is.

I'm off to bed! 

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