6 weeks postpartum update


6 weeks old now! My baby is a big girl already!

Weight, Length and Head Circumference, Naminé now weighs 8lb 8oz.

Milestones, Naminé is awake for what feels like all the time! She's looking around and gave me her first smile this week!

Outfit of the Week, 2 cute babygros to sleep in!

Our Week / Where we've been, 
Thursday we went shopping and made our own pizza from scratch for dinner
Friday we started to plan Kairis 2nd birthday, the health visitor came to see Naminé and Kaii did some potty training
Saturday we went to town, had lunch and then Kairi and daddy danced, but Kairi felt poorly in the evening so she just tested.
Sunday we went out to a carvery and play area for cousin Ethans first birthday.
Monday we went to playbase, mummy had to leave early for the doctors so I stayed with auntie Vic and auntie Eb, we went to Costa for a drink and played games at home.
Tuesday mummy went on a first aid course so we went out with nanny, then in the afternoon Lilli and auntie Vicky came over nannies to play.
Wednesday we went to group with Ebony and Elissa-Mae in the morning. We took Coco to get groomed and then played at Elissas house.

Things that we are looking forward to next week, daddy coming home of course! Going on our disneymoon!!

Our favorites this week, Naminé loves wearing babygros, Kairi's loves her shopping trolley and dancing with daddy and mummy loves her note pad and diary because they keep her organised! We all love breastfeeding because it gives us an amazing relationship :)

We hope you've had a lovely week too
Love Mummy, Kairi and Naminé

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