A great BIG awesome update!


While feeling low, I just haven't had the motivation to update my blog, but now I'm on the road to recovery, in ready to roll!

So Kairi is 2 years and month now! She's so big and clever, she's getting up to so much (lots of mischief!) and unfortunately, she's definitely not a baby anymore!
Naminé is 4 months! I can't believe it! No more newborn, just a big baby!! Though everyone says she's tiny still so I've still got a squish and as she can't move, I get lots of cuddles!

Our Milestones, Naminé is rolling! And she's rolling lots! She talks all the time now, is attempting to sit up and loves to try and stand. Her personality is starting to come out and she's always laughing!
Kairi has an amazing vocabulary now and  talks ALL the time! She still needs to work on some of her skills, but she has lots to say and is always communicating. She can very neatly jump with 2 feet now and she loves to throw things!

Mummies favourite Outfit of the month, matching outfits! I finally got them matching outfits! Yay for Primark!

A typical week in our lives,
Every morning, Kairi wakes up, looks straight for Naminé and says 'Hi Naminé' then... Our day can start!
Monday we get up and sort things out, we then have lunch and go to playbase, then take a stroll through town to get whatever shopping we need.
Tuesday depends on what everyone else is doing, we usually try to meet someone or go out.
Wednesday is usually a dull day! We get up and do the mega bath! Clean and tidy around the house and sort out some food shopping, usually getting fruit and veg.
Thursday alternates each week, sometimes we go to the sling library where mummy volunteers and helps people and other times we try to meet our friends.
Friday we get the house ready for daddy to come home, alternative weeks we go to the sling meet in our local town at the play area.
Saturday we relax with daddy, have lots of cuddles and daddy usually pops to town and sometimes we go with him.
Sunday fortnightly we go to nanny Marilyn's for a roast dinner and on the alternative weeks we just rest and get ready for daddy to leave. 

Amazing things that we have been up to, Kairi turned 2! We went on our amazing Disneymoon! Planning Naminé's naming day! All will have their own posts coming up! 

Things that we are looking forward to, Daddy coming home of course! And seeing Nanny after her long holiday.

Our favorites this month, mummy still loves Naminé wearing babygros, Kairi still loves her shopping trolley, but now her Disney buggy and pad too she also still loves dancing with daddy and mummy loves her Iphone and computer as they keep her connected with the world and make her smile. We all love breastfeeding because it gives us an amazing relationship :)

How have you been? What have you done this month?
Love Mummy, Kairi and Naminé

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