4 simple steps to fast family meal planning!


If you are anything like me you'll stare at the fridge every night hopelessly wondering what to cook for dinner! It's an endless task of shopping, preparing and cooking which gets very boring.

So I went to Wilko's to pick up a Meal Planner (Available Here), sat down with my pen and got planning. Here is how I create tasty menus each week that are not repeating and are simple to do!

Gather Resources
I order my shopping online so always keep a copy of my ASDA receipt (If you order in store your usual receipt will work the same), I grab this along with last weeks meal plan (a rough list of what you like to eat will help the first week), the new meal plan page and a pen.

Picking out the meals
I go through the shopping list underlining the main components of meals (Tortellini, Salmon, Mince for Burgers, Salad). As we don't always use everything in our fridge I will add it to the shopping list by writing some of the things that we have left and also note whether people are coming round. (Right of the list Paella, Friends and Macaroni Cheese)

Always start with dinner
I always find this is the hardest part to fill in, so it is easiest to get it out of the way first. I take my list of available meals for the week and sort them in order (I order by 2 things 1. When they go out of date. 2. Which I want to eat first!)
I plot in the meals I know we will be having first (Paella on Saturday as Mum will be here and a trip to Tesco on Sunday as we will be eating with friends) and then fill in the other dinners.

Adding Snacks, Lunches and Breakfast
Finally I add a list of snacks, I think about what we have and what I would like the girls to eat whenever (and Ryan, who often likes to snack after work) and plot them down. Then I add breakfast and lunch. Breakfast is usually an option of Cereal, Belvita, Toast, Yogurt or Fruit so I try to mix them up so we get something different each day. At the weekend we will have some variation of a 'fry up' for a change and occasionally we will have eggs during the week. For lunch our options are always the same; wraps, sandwiches, bake@home baguettes, sausage rolls, crisps, fruit, yogurt and sometimes chocolate bars or miniature gingerbread men so I just mix them up and every now and then put in a different dish like salad or pasta.

And that's it. My five simple steps to fast meal planning.
Whats on your family menu this week?

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