A routine of a busy mum!


Why are there just not enough hours in an average day? Yes, I know every day has 24, but sometimes 24 just is not enough!

So I felt I needed to organise my life my better to fit things in, we have a routine now and I have 3 lists; daily cleaning, things to buy and meal planner.
These sit on my fridge all the time now and really help me keep up with things! You can buy the Food Planner Here and the Weekly Planner Here and check out my other post here to find out more about how they're helping us!

Take an average day of 8:30-22:00 for example, there are 14 and 1/2 hours in that day, yet I still feel like I didn't have enough time to get everything done.

An average day goes like this:
8:30 Kairi wakes, waking any sleeping person or animal in the house with her.

8:35-9:00 we proceed to get nappies changed, washed, teeth brushed, dressed and hair brushed. Generally trying not to battle all the way about not wanting X,Y,Z done!

9:00-9:15 we make our way down stairs, I prepare breakfast and put away any drying up from the night before while Kairi gets out a plate for her self and a bowl for her sister, she grabs cups and I help her make a cup of water. At this point Naminé is crawling around the kitchen (she started in the lounge!) trying to find reflections of herself in the fridge or cooker.

9:15 we sit down for breakfast, depending on the day this could be 2 minutes because no ones hungry or most recently it's been about 30 mins.

9:45 it's cleaning time! We put some music on and have a dance, bin and move all remaining breakfast items and food. Make sure the floor is clear and grab the Hoover (Kairi grabs hers too!) to clean all downstairs flooring. (This is not my whole cleaning routine just the EVERY DAY bits!) Wipe the sides and fridge down, remove any and all finger prints and re-plump the couch. Put on and put out any washing.

10:30 the girls can play, we either have an hour and a half indoors, in the garden, do a project or go to the park. Naminé will usually nap around an hour of this time, then either 'bounce' or crawl around.

12:00 we start to prepare for lunch! It feels like breakfast has only just happened yet were already hungry! Kairi grabs plates and cups and I help her to make drinks, I start to plate up all our lunches and then have a tidy round of the lounge.

13:00 lunch time is here! We sit down and eat lunch, we generally talk about colors, names of foods and what we have been doing that morning.

13:30 we clear up the lunch! I give the kitchen a once over and wash up breakfast and lunch bits then leave them to dry.

14:00 we go out and Naminé has a short nap, we get things we need or stay in and do a project (sorting the garden or a room, messy play, cooking, learning about animals etc).

16:00 it's nap time and Kairi usually sleeps for 1/2 hours, occasionally she doesn't and if not we do free play time again, we play babies, kitchen, dressing up etc During this time, Naminé will also have a sleep or play at this time.

18:00 we tidy up, we put away most of the toys and check the kitchen, make sure the hall is organised, get in and fold any washing, put it away and put a film or dancing on.

18:30 we start to prepare dinner, I put away all the breakfast/lunch stuff and Kairi gets bowls/plates/cups out. I then help her make drinks. She helps me if she wants to or plays with her sister in the lounge.

19:30 daddy gets home and we sit down to eat, we all talk about our days and what we would like to do as a family at the weekend.

20:15 we clean up, take our plates through and wash up, clean the kitchen sides and wipe all finger prints off the fridge.

20:30 we sit down as a family, Naminé will usually go for another sleep and we either play or watch a film, we chat lots and have fun.

22:00 we pack away ready for the morning and go up to bed. It's been a busy day and I lay in bed winding where on earth all the time has gone and why I've hardly done anything!

What's your routine like? Do you feel you have enough hours in the day?

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