Cherishing that last feed.

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I'm still breastfeeding both my girls, so how can I post about the end of my journey right? We'll I have had an end of my journey, the end of mine and Kairi's journey, the one there was just the two of us, where I was wide awake and could spend nights staring at her. Of course feeding Naminé too is really exciting, but I still mourn for the days where it was just me and Kairi.

When we fell pregnant with Naminé I was over the moon. A week later I was crying my eyes out! Now I know pregnancy hormones where playing a major part in this! But I had realised that this would be the end of me and Kairi. We wouldn't have anymore time just us two and I wasn't sure how to feel about it.

At one point of my pregnancy Kairi fed once in about 24 hours, I didn't feel full and I thought that was it. I sobbed my heart out, I felt I'd forced her to wean early which was never what I wanted, I was so upset. The next day she had a growth spurt and fed like crazy, we were back on track and I promised myself them to cherish every feed!

I was so upset, I held Kairi tight and I sobbed, I cherished every feed and lay awake staring at her for as much as possible. On the day night I was being induced, they let Kairi stay in with me. She fed pretty much all night, strengthening my contractions which I mourned for the end of our journey, enjoying every moment we had together.
Just before they took me to have my waters broken, I gave her one last feed and mummy and Kairi, ready to meet her in a few hours to start our tandem journey,

Sometimes I still really miss those days, but of course I'm so glad we have Naminé now.

I will always love the time we had just Kairi and mummy, it will always bring a happy tear to my eye x

For more memories of last feeds please hop on over to A Novice Mum where you can also gain further entries into the grand prize draw. Full terms and conditions can be found on the Keeping Britain Breastfeeding website. UK residents only.

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  1. Unfortunately with my first I only fed her for 2 weeks, but am 30 weeks pregnant now with my second and determined to make it work this time. So hopefully that final feed will be a lot later on x

  2. At 6 months when I had to return to work

  3. Cherish every feed indeed! So glad I came by here; another angle to the ending of a breastfeeding journey; the end of one and the start of tandem nursing. So wonderful that you've gotten so much enjoyment out of it. I suppose with our first child, there are those extra firsts that will never be again.

    I'm not there yet, but your story is another reminder to pay close attention, cherish each feed and remember that it won't last forever, thanks for joining in. #PositiveAboutBF

  4. I totally agree that we should cherish each feed! And how magical that you had a shift in your breastfeeding journey to tandem feeding. What an emotional post to read - thank you for sharing!
    We are still going at 20 months and I am hoping we carry on for a few months yet and let my daughter self wean

  5. I havent had mine yet but my little one is 18 months :)

  6. Such an amazing extra bond that Breastfeeding gives - I can't wait to experience it in less than 7 weeks.....

  7. I have another idea, which I wanted to share here. just apply any sour thing on nipple it also tested way to stop breastfeeding.


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