My favourite WAHMs and their products!


A Work At Home Mum (WAHM) that creates an amazing product and gives fantastic service on top of that needs to be celebrated! So here are my top 5 and their products.

1. Mamas Cookies - Sells a variety of snacks including Lactation Cookies (to help you produce more milk), regular cookies, 'boobie boosters', 'boobie packs' and their most popular item which is fudge. Each item is hand crafts and perfection, I've been a regular since day one!

2. From ELM With Love - Makes bespoke artwork which you can customize completely. I've had two pieces (Namine's naming day word art and a secret piece most recently) and they have both been amazing.

3. Tutu Poofy? - Tutus and Poofy, what more can you say. The most 'poofyest' tutus I have seen! The lady made my wedding dress and my bridesmaids dresses. Every product has been exactly what I wanted and perfect for the occasion!

4. Bevs Crafty Times - Makes handmade and crafted wedding items. This lady is a god with paper items! She not only made our wedding items but she has done Birthday and Naming day items too.

5. Funky Little Bugs - Unique Funky bags and accessories. The bags are great quality and you can totally custom then to your taste. I have my favorite 'red spots' fabric with sling rings, its the perfect bag for my buggy and baby wearing.

I choose these 5 ladies because time and time again they make amazing products, it always puts a massive smile on my face when I receive their post and the customer service of every one of them is above anyone/anywhere else I've dealt with.

Go check them out and let me know who your top WAHM is in the comments below!

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