Tuff Tray Water Play


We received our Tuff Tray and couldn't wait to get started on our Crazy Tuff Trays, the girls automatically went to sit in it and I was desperate to play!
However our order of items to fill it with hadn't arrived yet and it was late afternoon so I needed something quick and simple that would also be fun. Then Kairi said it 'WATER, I need water' PERFECT!

Such a quick activity, we lined the floor with messy mats (however this failed when I realized I couldn't get the tray out of the door so ended up spilling it on the floor anyway!)
In the tray I placed warm water with bubble bath, gave the girls;cloths, sponges, a doll, a few toys, cutlery, cups and plates.

Within seconds they were in and washing up! They loved washing the doll and cleaning the plates, they were in and out for ages and we spoke about what the bubbles felt and smelt like.

One fast activity that went down a treat!
Do your children enjoying washing things?

Kairi, Namine and Mummy x

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