Turning a Jungle into a Dream Garden


We moved house! It's been a long time comming but we've finally made it... And with 2 little ones and a dog too!

So this is our new 'jungle' it's over grown and awful, it can't really be played in as we can't see what's beyond the first few slabs!

As our garden was supposed to be sorted when we moved in and wasn't, we decided to start ourselves. Me and Kairi took to work pulling weeds out 1 by 1. It took a long time!

Kairi got to work on growing new vegetables. We found an old planter and put seeds in it.

Kairi moved the soil around and placed a label in.

She's been watering and taking good are of her carrots!

We finally got all the weeds out (we have to do weekly maintaince as they keep growing!) but finally we have an outdoor play area. We popped a few toys in and out up a washing line.

We checked in the carrots and they've started to grow!

We still have work to do, we've brought a pitch fork and we are working on temoving the plants around the edges so we can start creating a vegetable garden in the spring. We're getting the girls a wooden play house to go at the back and store their outdoor toys and we're going to create a waterwall and mud kitchen.
Our adventure has only just begun!
What's your garden like? Do you have any tips to share with us?

Kairi, Naminé and Mummy x

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