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I love to get myself organised but have a memory that is suffering from 'pregnancy brain' still! So I often get home from town and realise I haven't picked up the new dishcloths (for the 3rd time this week!) or I don't know what to do for dinner (after carefully planning and ordering a shop 2 days ago!)

When moving into the new house, I found these planners in Wilko and they are absolutely perfect! You can order the Meal Planner Here and the Weekly Planner Here.

The Meal Planner Looks like this. It has space for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the week and snack. It also has a really handy detachable shopping list which means I don't forget the things I need when I am in town!
One of my favorite things is that it has really made me think about what we're eating as a family. We cook most of our meals from scratch and try to change lunch around so we don't get bored, but as you can see breakfast is always the same, so we're now looking into other options.

The weekly planner is great for keeping me on track with household chores, it means nothing gets missed, I can tick of things I have done and add extras at anytime. I love seeing it up as its like a gentle reminder and also when you only see 2 things to do, it doesn't look like much!!

A great thing about them both is they are both magnetic so we have them up on the fridge (what better place than the 1 thing you see every day) We can check back and add to them at any time.

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