8 month and 2&1/2 year update!


It's been a while since I got a chance to do an update. The girls are growing up far to fast so I fill every spare moment with activities for us to do (especially family ones).
We all live together now and that's absolutely awesome! Kairi and Naminé play a lot, but mostly Kairi just fights with Naminé!

Weight, Length and Head Circumferencethe girls haven't been weighed for a very long time now, so I can't answer this question. I chose not to get them weighed.

Milestones, Naminé sits up on her own now, she crawls and cruises around the furniture. She has also just started to climb the stairs so we really have our hands full! Kairi is talking so much more now, she can hold a conversation and when she finds something new that she is interested in (a bouncy ball for Coco, the moon etc) she will make sure you k is about it!
Both girls eat solid food, they have whatever we have. Kairi's favourite is pasta and Naminés is salad.

Outfit of the Month, I absolutely adore they're Christmas bonnets, but I'll have to say these matching jumpers, I've waited so long for them to match and they're festive feeling too!

A Typical Week This Month,
Monday is usually shopping day, we stay in and play with the tuff tray, get some cleaning done and wait for the Asda shop.
Tuesday we haven't found anything to do yet (we're working on it!) (well actually we just always forget the right time for the group!)

Wednesday we get up and get the train with daddy. He does to work and we go to toddler group on Cambridge. After we usually walk into town and do a spot of shopping and have lunch before coming home and popping to Tesco.
Thursday we get ready and go to under 2s, a quick walk to the market and then sometimes off to milks.
Friday we always seam to be busy this day! Heath visitor, doctors, family etc. so we haven't actually made it to a group yet!
Saturday Sometimes we play, sometimes shop, we have lots of fun family time.
Sunday is our day of rest, we enjoy being a family and having time with each other.

Things that we are looking forward to, Disney on ice, our holiday, birthdays, Christmas, going to Caravan for Haloween, seeing Family, going away Christmas shopping with nanny, and our first wedding anniversary!

Exciting things that have happened recently, We've moved home and live with daddy, made new friends and seen old ones, Kairi got to build a bear.

What we brought this month, loads and loads of christmas presents and lots of clothes!

Our favorites right now, ballapolooza, wooden play house, buggys and dolls and of course Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse club house!

Hope you've had a fab month too!
Love Mummy, Kairi and Naminé x   

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