A guilty mums guide to eating better!


When going through the stage of being a 'single parent' (living alone with my daughter as my husband lived/worked away) looking back now I can honestly say that we didn't eat very well.

Suffering from PND, being pregnant and living in a small flat all meant that making dinners was a nightmare, the microwave (or if were were lucky, something I could cook for 20 mins from frozen in the oven) became my beast friend and rare were the days where I actually cooked vegetables (and even then they were microwaved steamed veg, not fresh - I didn't know how to cook that!)

I'm lucky that my daughter is still breastfed and that we had family around us that would cook us meals a few times a week, but when we moved, I snapped out of my depression. We were a family again and I knew I wanted my family to eat much much better than they had. (To save money my husband would eat a 12p tin from ASDA for his dinner and a bit of rice!)

Now we eat healthy meals everyday. Its rare that I actually cook from my freezer (bar the odd chips as an add on to a meal) and my fridge is always stocked with plenty of fresh fruit, salad and veg!
So I thought I'd give you some samples of the new diet we have.


So How did I switch from  ready made pizza, cheesy chips, packet burgers to all homemade foods?
1. Well firstly I got rid of EVERYTHING!! Sounds crazy but I threw out every single item, boxes of food, packets, jars, things like salt, flour etc
2. I chose 1 recipe, I started with 1 recipe I wanted to try that was fairly easy, brought those ingredients and simple meals for the rest of the week.
3. Took turns, me and hubby took turns weekly to cook a new recipe, we soon build up what we could cook and now have a variety.
4. Different spice! Simple, but we buy 1 different spice/herb with the cooking each week, this makes new recipes cheaper as we already have a part of them!
5. discuss, discuss, discuss. We talk to each other and the girl, we talk about what we liked in the new meal, what we didn't what we would change next time, add or like to keep.

and that's it, it was that simple. We tried 2 new meals last week Burritos (Cooked by Ryan) and Tagliatelle (cooked by me. This week im trying a lasagna (with no mince!)

Whats your favorite meal? Do you cook from scratch?

Kairi, Namine and Mummy x

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