Carrying just a handbag with 2 small children!


If you have a baby or toddler you leave the house with the kitchen sink, right? Well not always...

When Kairi was first born I used to carry a big baggy, It was a 'yummy mummy' and they were totally in fashion. I wrote a post here about all the stuff that I 'needed' to carry. Truth is I didn't NEED to carry any of it really and with 2 children under 3 and both in nappies I manage to live my normal life with just a handbag (Also from Pink Lining! - They're designs are beautiful)

That's it, the contents of my bag, 2 nappies each for the girls, a pack of wipes, my phone charger and cable, a sunblock (in summer months), a teether for Namine, a lip gloss for me, a pen, some coconut oil, a snack and travel sickness tablets for Kairi and my purse and keys.
I don't need anything else, the girls have only ever needed to be changed in public once and I'm not worried about germs as they have good immune systems,

What do you carry? Are you someone who have a little bag or perhaps you bring your whole house on a day trip?

Kairi, Namine and Mummy x

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